Sumbawanga na kazi pole pole

In 1885 when the Christian missionaries came into this region it was very common for many people to believe in and use witchcraft. A woman from Tusi tribe converted to Christian and wanted to establish a place where no witchcraft is used so she called it Sumbawanga: Sumba = throw away and wanga = witchcraft. I have been told that even today many people in this region still using witchcraft. So far I did not made any experience with it, except that the chairman showed me a little booklet on one of the first days about occultism and told me I am free to read in it if I have some time. Guess I should read it just out of interest. The swiss missionaries where I stayed in Mbeya when I got sick told me that they made some experience with that type of things, e.g. employees using this against them. To be honest I am a little curious…


Sumbawanga is actually a nice place; the weather is a bit cold here at the moment. We are in dry season and there is a fairly cold wind going during the last 2 month. The sun is burning but it’s a bit chilli especially at night but also during the day. I am glad I brought a few sweaters. Sumbawanga has I quite well stocked market. You can find much more things than expected initially. The president of Tanzania was in town about 2 ½ weeks ago to set foundations for 3 roads. That is also the reason why a lot of Europeans and Asians are here at the moment to set up the various projects. I met a dutch guy Mattijs who is setting up one of the projects, so I have been watching soccer and having a few beers with him and some of his colleagues. As the 4 Germans who I met earlier are currently travelling I was very glad about this, especially as the Moravians do not drink any alcohol at all, they also don’t sell any at the hotel I am staying in.


Work progress is slowing down more and more. Waiting periods are getting longer and longer. The other day for example I got a call from the project responsible at around 8:15 and we agreed he will arrange one of the cars and pick me up at 10am so we can continue doing some project planning. At 11:30 I have called him to ask when he would finally be here and the answer was: now. Well, now was at 12:55pm only 4 hours later then agreed…



The other day we went to Mumba which is 45 min drive from Sumbawanga to have a look at the Mumba Health Centre. Mumba has as most villages around here no access to electricity. Apparently I was told the Health Centre has already a solar system which they received years ago as well as some houses around the Health Centre where doctors and nurses are living. Unfortunately non of them was functioning anymore..what a surprise in Africa…The doctor welcomed us and showed us around. The result was quite frustrating. The panels are mounted in the wrong direction, they should face the equator so North but they are facing South. The Inverter and batteries were located in a small room with no air ventilation (what can I say the acid smelled great). There are 4 batteries 3 of them are old  Mercedes Benz Car batteries (no go for Solar systems) and one a  newer Solar Batterie. For those who are not into technical stuff, if you connect multiple batteries in parallel they all should be same type and you should not mix used and new batteries. They believe that the Inverter is broken, my bet are the batteries or both. The panels seems to be ok. But I am not the expert. I am hoping now that I get funds from the Herrenhuter Mission (the German part of the Moravians) so we can get this fixed before I leave. Inside the health centre there was some old equipment they would like to operate. Of course it’s all old stuff which consumes a hell of a lot of energy and would cost a fortune to operate with solar power.


That day has also a new praying record, within the 3 ½ hours we had to pray 4 times!!! First when we started the trip, next when we arrived, another one at lunch and when we started our return trip. But I am still trying to see the good part in it, all the pastors keep on telling me that they are praying for the German team to win the games in the world cup, but looks like they must have forgotten to pray for the game against Spain 😦

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3 Responses to Sumbawanga na kazi pole pole

  1. Elke says:

    specially as the Moravians do not drink any alcohol at all…. kweli?

  2. Elke says:

    especially as the Moravians do not drink any alcohol at all…. kweli?

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